Is the powder from the salt sea water pearl, simply it is the pearl ground down into a powder form. It is widely used as a treatment for acne as it is thought to have a purifying effect on the skin, it is good for sensitive skin, and is effective for fading acne scars.  It is scientifically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and pearl powder is often the secret ingredient in most top of the line beauty products.
Pearl powder is the ultimate exfoliater; less grainy than micro-dermabrasion creams, and removes dead skin naturally and added to the real hero which is the Konjac sponge the results are amazing.
Pearl Powder helps to replace lost moisture and nutrients that are essential to keep your skin intact.
Pearl Powder Benefits For Skin are tried and TRUE over 1000's of years. Chinese Emperors wives and Cleopatra knew this to be true.